A(pple)rrival, the next direction-

October 1, 2013


     Had a wonderful dream last night, early morn in the dark, actually.   Must have been a confluence of influences in recent daily life, meaning just the last 2 or 3 days.  First, daughter Rochelle, dancing with the Kansas City Ballet, send cellphone images of her and some fellow buddy dancers picking apples (lst time in this Hawaiian girl's life - ain't no apple trees in the islands, think pineapples.  Now I also now apples are ready for harvest in the fall, like the pumpkin, right before winter frost sets in.  Right in time for picking for Halloween and Thanksgiving with its pumpkin AND apple pies).  Second, read in yesterday's newspaper that Apple Corp. just replaced Coco Cola as the No. 1 company in the WORLD.  Before that, read Apple's latest cellphone 5 or something sold 30+ million units on the first day, insuring another successful quarter for investors of AAPL.  Then this dream of a my return to making art - sculpture and digital art, after spending years focusing on writing, the urge occuring to change medium to outsource my creativity from visual art to creative fictional writing.  To see if I had the talent as a writer (Stephen King served as my role model) and see if I could make a buck, unlike a lifetime of artwork, by entertaining folks via text via their stimulated imagination.  Was fun - age 60-pushing 68 in 2 months, having published and put for sale at Amazon 5 novels and 3 volumes of short stories, about 90 stories. Think with each successive effort, my style and writing evolved, without conscous intervention.  Practice makes perfect; although I'm not there yet.  But it's time now to change course, back as they say, to the drawing board.  For me, a backtracking (everybody needs a break!) back into making art.  Hands on, not just pushing a mouse like I've done over decades now.  So what's the focus?  The exciting goal to see what the heck materializes, for the sake of not just viewer's eyeballs but for an extension further into the cyberwoods of the Internet with a sense of mission to further develop online global cyberculture?  Use that available feather I already had tucked away in my art cap. And what is that feather?  Hear ye all: now Pygoya brings to your destop and wireless gadgets, in 3D (will work with an architect who will do 3D renderings of a virtual museum for the global masses) -


                                            APPLE ART MUSEUM.COM


Planning now, upon waking up this morning, to put out a call for entries to the Webists, a group I founded back in 1993 with Ingrid Kamerbeek of Germany, for an online art show with the subject matter limited to apples.  Will exhibit lst at lastplace.com but after the 3d museum is constructed and online, will place this first historic international apple art show within that context.  This way I have instant artwork inventory, of global origin, which fosters attendance.  Meanwhile, I need to get back to building with clay - apples, apples, apples - all shapes and forms, colors, weird stuff too, lots of worms, pun on Apple, Inc., elevate the fruit that if eaten daily keeps the doctor away to god-like status among fruits.  Sorry, pineapple, you don't cut it.  Hmmm, see myself slicing away literally on a chopping board, sectioning real apples into forms never visualized before.  Also, how about a shave ice with an apple flavor?  Will recommend and ;promote the flavor at my favorite local snow cone venue, Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha in East Honolulu, Hawaii.  World, beware, I shall soon bring to you the biggest damn apple sculpture every known to man.  But that's later cuz it'll take space and bucks.  But I can see it now, in my mind.  I also see lots of chrome but I have to fight the urge as to not infringe if you know what I mean.


I think here on I'm going to be eating a lot of diced apples.  Not that I particularly like the fruit - prefer blueberries, peach, strawberries, plum.  Stuff easier to swallow and with more juice produced per crushing bite. But I can change. 


OK, will write now to Ingrid to call up the troops to start making not apple pie but APPLE ART.


Rodney Chang, Oct. 1, 2013 (fitting the concept arrives on the lst of a month. Not just any month by one that signals the beginning of Fall and the holiday season, my favorite time of year).


GO APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!