October 15, 2013


Dear Lyroland Pis an (architect constructing 3D Pygoya Museum),


OK, now have my favorite images, that I want to outlive me, on the disk!

Any major musuem, real brick and mortar, or virtual, I imagine would have at least 1000 works.  

The count on the disk is 1133 works.  So take your time, I am in no rush.  I don't plan to die tomorrow.

This gives me good idea about my life productivity in digital art over 28 years.  Before that I spent 10 years to make painting, drawing, ceramic, sculpture (including bronze), hand pulled prints, photography, installation, and mixed media.  I think I did 3000 works.  Then going digital, I was able to become much more prolific, thanks to technology.

I read somewhere that Picasso is considered the most prolific artist of his times, the first have of the 20th Century.  He did 9,000 works.

Sorry, but you may have inherited the job of hanging works of the new most prolific artist of all time.  I guess, browsing and downloading from my virtual museum, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at Lastplace.com, that I choose my favorites for 3D Pygoya Museum at a ration of 1 of every 25 works.  Which suggest an approximation of 25,000-30,000 digital artworks completed!  I read somewhere online, surfing google search, somebody's comment about Pygoya of "..and he is still making new art!."

My wife, the Erlinda Feliciano Chang, previously of Ilocos Sur, will package the disk and mail it to your address.

Thank you, Sir, for your dedication to this important life project of mine.



Pygoya (Rodney Chang, AA, BA,BA,MA,MA,MA,MA,MSED,DDS,PHD)

(I stayed in college almost 20 years)