The Vision of Fine Art Phonecards


American Phonecard Hawaii, 1994


     The artist Rodney Chang is inspired to team with AmeriVox to offer phonecards to the serious international collector.  These revolutionary "works of art" will be living proof of the heralding of a new visionary art spawned by the Information Age.  Since both telecommunications and computer graphics are applications of high technology, both are partners in leading us into the emerging global culture of the next century.


     Chang as artist proclaims his phonecards as actual works of art.


     Each image is created on the computer with the intent to make it a limited edition print, signed and numbered, as final output.   But instead of printing on paper, the image is on the medium of plastic.  The intrinsic utilitarian value as a calling card is an innovative function for a work of art.   To expand upon the conceptual integraton of telecommunications, computer art and, conventional artistic thought, each original phonecard print is then rendered by hand with oil on canvas, making the painting a REPRODUCTION of the original "art-as-a-phonecard"!



POSTSCRIPT 1999- This set of 6 phonecards, edition of 100, was published before the popular advent of the Internet.  Since then, AmeriVox has closed it doors, thereby ceasing the telephone service of these cards.  The cards, however, were reviewed in collector magazines and today maintain  their documentation as the first fine arts prints as phonecards every conceived in the world.  Each card is signed and numbered by the artist.