Preparatory Notes for Kristen Interview

(reporter for Honolulu newspaper in regards to the new Pygoya House)


September 17, 1994


1. Local computer "art movement" - 1984 Larry Lovett; I initiated into medium by him in 1985 with IBM 286PC, using custom Lumina program with 286 colors. Standard IBM PC back then had 16 colors; rented time at $25/hr from Lovett.

2. Broke off to work alone in home studio with first own computer, the Amiga 1000, 1986-1988 (still have a nostalgic lover affair with that old machine)

3. Now exclusively on Macintosh fx with millions of colors

4. Top past shows - Siggraph, National Computer Graphics Association; "Prix Ars Electronica"; Bronx Art Museum, NY; locally our Annual Hawaiian Compuer Art Exhibition at City Hall, founded by myself through founding Hawaii Computer Art Society in 1989.

5. My involvement with the medium of computer art (NOT computer graphics - same as stating I'm an "Painter", not "user of oil paints")-

a. Continue a consistent identifiable personal "style" of subjective expression with eccentric use of generic, "canned" commercial graphic software. The tendency is for every user's work to be dominated by the inherent visual character of the specific software (I call this the indelible programmer's thumbprint over the artist's work). Only the best, the "real artist", can rise above this branded art imaging and create convincing "personal statements." Everybody else using the popular software are amateurs aspiring to be artist through the short-cut of computer support or graphic programs that insure one's work looks at least "commercial."

b. Time Lines :


1985-86 - develop personal style after 20 years of being an artist basically in painting and sculpture (MA,MA,PhD); "Relativism", "Transformative Psychology", "Art Psychology"

1987 - concept of "Paint Outs" ; goal of "Exhibition 2000"

1990 - historical Shanghai Art Museum solo exhibition - considered "lst computer art exhibition in Chinese history" ; a total cross-cultural experience in art, including l week workshop on "computer art" for art students at Shanghai University by myself

1985-89 - SOHO too Gallery & Loft, in Kalihi on Stanley Street

1979-93 - Da Waiting Room - affinity to moving/dance and electronic light environment lead me smoothly into working with emitted light from a monitor as computerized artist

1991- name of PYGOYA - name for team of computer, myself and painters on a project to build a collection of paintings on canvas from computer imagery by myself; name itself came from a dream in which the artist was named Pygoya.

1994 - The Pygoya House - designing a home museum to house computer art; challenge of bridging tradition (Colonia architecture) with high tech contemporary (Cyberculture)