Rodney Chang's Journal

NOVEMBER 20, 1986

Up to age 22

Stage One: Innate Creative Expression

I. Grades 1-12

a. "classroom artist" (Grades 1-7)

b. "school artist" (Grades 8-12)

c. neighborhood ring leader for games to fight boredom (ages 6-17)

d. inventor of games

e. Harmonics rock band leader and founder (1963-68; judged No. 1, in "Battle of the Bands", in Hawaii state of 175 bands, 1965)


Up to age 30


Stage Two: "Subject Matter" Extended Studies

II. Liberal Arts

a. Zoology (Biology) - BA

b. Art - AA

c. Psychology - BA

d. Civics-Community Leadership - MA

e. Education - MSEd


Up to age 35

Stage Three: "Technique" Development

III. Professions

a. Dentistry - DDS

b. Counseling Psychology - MA

c. Art - Painting and Drawing - MA

d. Art Psychology (study and experience of the art/creative process)- PhD

e. Interior Design - Diploma

f. Photography - Diploma


Stage Four: Adoption of Art-Life Strategies

a. Research Methodologies/Phenomenology

b. Art Psychology - developing sense of a mission

c. Acquisition of a philsosophy & psychology of "art"

d. Modus operandi: creation of a Model of Aesthetic Appreciation

e. Identity as an "professional artist" with purpose and direction

f. PhD, Art Psychology



Up to age 41

Stage Five: Studio Internships

IV. Hands on development of personal sgtyle and sensitivity with specific art media

a. Painting (1967-69, Hawaii; 1971-72, Loyola, IL; 1972-75, Northern Illinois University; 1977-1980, Disco Paintings; 1982-83, Koko Isle Studio; 1983-present)

b. Mixed Media Assemblages (1983-present)

c. Serigraphy (1982)

d. Ceramics (1983-84; 1985 series)

e. Photography (1973-74, S. Korea; 1983-84, Koko Isle Studio)

f. Bronze Sculpture (1984-85, UH Art Dept, Sculpture Foundry)

g. Disco Dental Environment/ Disco

Doc identity/character

h. Gallery Director, SOHO too Gallery & Loft

i. Dancer (1956-1999 and beyond)




Stage Six: Mutlimedia Synthesis - Development of a "look/technique/style"

a. Computer Photography (1985-present)

b. Computer Serigraphy (1986-present)

c. Computer Sculpture (not yet)

d. Computer Painting (1986-present)

e. Computer Multimedia (1985-present)



Stage Seven: Integration of Stages two and Fixe or Multimedia and Subject Matter (10 college degrees)



Stage Eight - Maturation - advancing developments in Multimedia



Stage Nine - Evolution - however far Multimedia develops within my lifetime's effort (till death)



Retrospect 1999- the above did not envision the advent of the Internet!

Age 51-present

Stage Seven: Development (1996-present) and Uploading unto the Internetg of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at (1997) with the missions of-

1. Creating a virtual online museum for digital art

2. Build an online permanent collection of global digital art

3. Help promote the concept of digital art ("cyberart") as indigenous visual arts for online Cyberculture

4. Compile "cyberart" resources on the Web through an online arts library at

5. Compile/Archive all my life's work in art, with emphasis on digital art, at Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart in

6. Continue my creation of new digital/cyberart in the "Recent Works" section of Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart

7. Through the virtual museum and the Internet, promote digital art around the world