Rodney Chang's Exhibit at The Kuakini Showcase


of Kuakini Hospital, 1986


The Kuakini Showcase Display Committee is pleased to present these artworks with grateful appreciation to the artist, Dr. Rodney Chang.

In these works, the computer is used as a tool to manipulate thoughts and ideas in the creative process. This result in the creation of imagery of prismatic colors coalescing in a painterly-like manner and creating abstract and impressionistic images envisioned by the artist.

On further contemplation, thse phosphorescent images seem to possess an "electronic-glow", a certain energy and radiance from within. This evokes a feeling that makes us apprciate the art further and share the artist's real inner vision, for these works are expressive metaphors, like a light, or a warmth of life that seems to come from the artist's soul.



Mandell Andress

Art Committee, KMC