Rodney Chang's Journal

MAY 5, 1986



1. Sculpt large blocks of ice - propane torch, mallet and chisel, etc. (Diamond Head Ice Co.)

2. Work in walk in refigerator and create molds

3. Loss wax technique, cast in bronze

4. Photograph, scan, 3D grid model production

5. 3D computer sculptural version, "push and pull" original ice/bronze pieces



May 24, 1986

1. Take the above 3D computer sculpture and create actual forms by modelling in ceramics and fire to final smooth glazed surface (white transparency glaze, white clay)

2. Coat with photosensitive emulsion

3. Project black and white compupter 2D designs or photographs of the sculptural form

4. Develop in large volume container of developer and fixer solutions

5. Resin coat to UV/scuff protect final image surface of sculpture

6. Hand paint selected areas

7. Final glossy resin coat

8. Bases for series