From the diary of Rodney Chang

November 1986



1. a method to alternative solutions to problems

2. an identity thing

3. a way to shape one's immediate world

4. the fuel to express one's self, feelings and individuality

5. a source of the sense of humor

6. an input to experimentation (hypothesis formulation, experimental design, evaluation of data) 7. a way to act out, be different, affirming "Who Am I?"

8. a courtship facilitator

9. a source of "inspiration" to make art

10. in my case, a major reason for living

11.adaptation into the physical confines of a dental practice/clinic

12.balance for the demanding left brain objectivity requirements of practicing dentistyr

13.a constant source of surprise and stimuli

14.the series of significant moments that leads to artistic growth

15.another term for "personal growth and development"

16.during childhood, the source of my "delinquency"

17.a method of approach to take action, to change one's situation

18.the invisible embodiment of the visual arts

19.the source of a series of eye openers leading to artistic development and improved quality of works

20.a path that guarantees lucky accidents that leads to breakthroughs

21.a forces that makes work play and play "good fun"

22.a way to make friends and share interesting conversation and ideas

23.the flash that leads to copyrights and patents

24.isolation against a cruel and dangerous world, a fantasy withdrawal that shapes one's reality

25.one criteria for judging one's own art quality

26.the ability to isolate the best of a whole and recreate using that best part as the start for something new

27.the source of novelty, change

28.developing one's dancing

29.a dominant trait that has led to a philosophy of life

30.an overwhelming force that keeps me prisoner to my art and its execution

31.a primal source of humaneness, intuition for improving one's sate

32.synthesis; collective awareness leading to higher performance




Age 3 - climb out of the playpen; escape entrapment/neglect

Age 5- draw and paint

Age 7-14 - make up games and rules; have playmates, learn about attention span of others

Age 8 - color Easter rabbit basket rainbow colors - get harassed by other students for nonconfirmity to naturalism

Age 15-17 - Football and Baseball board game inventions

Age 17-22 - created the Harmonics, a rock n' roll group to accomodate accordions, the instrument I to stuck playing as a child

Age 18-22 - the study of zoology - basic curiosity about living things

Age 22-26 -the study of denistry - a way to serve one's fellow man, earn a living, support creative efforts

Age 25-26 - the study of developmental dental aesthetics - to see if dental education was influencing my own aesthetics

Age 25-26 - the study of art - learn how art is formally broken down into academic units

Age 26-29 - graduate school in painting - to get further training and the credential to be a professional artist

Age 29 - entry into private practice

Age 31- the study of psychology - belief that psychology is the source of art making

Age 33-35 - the study of art psychology - currently reading on Visual Perception

Age 33 - disco dental office creation

Age 35-40 - concentrated efforts in the art studio - hands on in various media, including painting, bronze, computer, mxied media, ceramics, photography and collage

Age 39-40 - computer garphics art concentration - tool to integrate various media to create new look

Age 39-40 - opening of SOHO too Gallery & Loft - to test community's reaction to experimental and avant garde art; learn director and management of a gallery; to support the art forms I like; to create steady exhibition opportuntiy of my works

Age40-purchase own computer (Amiga) - to be on the forefront of the development of this new art medium

AGe 40-41 - artist's brochure, agent (Florette Morgan, Sylvia Loo, others), posters and book - time to have the right tools to market art

Age 41- retrospective show at Ramsay Gallery - a time to retrospect/redirect, consolidate and recommit



Age 41 - married and lst child; Shanghai Art Museum solo exhibition

Age 40-53 - all computer art activity; work hardware and software systems and updates and evolving new platforms; 2 more children; design and construct "The Pygoya House"

Age 51-present - establish, expand, and maintain online museum; creation of Giclee print series with Artistsofhawaii.com; set up lastplace.com, signedbytheartist.com and nynetgallery.com; transition from "computer artist" to "digital artist" to online "cyberartist"; promote concept of online visual arts "cyberculture"; continue to dance in Waikiki (Rumors Nightclub) with Erlinda