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Truly Virtual Web Art Museum's      original 1997 3D vrml Elevator- to 25 virtual world city galleries-
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Are You a Webist?

Disco Devils, Ingrid Kamerbeek,
sample of e-museum collections
The Webists website
About Webism and the Webists
Webists Directory
Who's Who Webists Puzzle
The Webists
world map
Webists DVD available (2004)
Webist Forest Retreat
in future
Space Project
Art Portraits Time Capsule 2004



Intro to Webism by
Art Freedom

Statement of Webism and Webists by
founder Pygoya @

A major exhibition cataputs from e-space
 Concepts of the new millennium art -ism 
 Call to e-Artists to
Join  The Webists
Japanese: Webism
Webists Challenge art-making Robot!
Webists at Vienna Museum, Austria; photos
Webists in Budapest Bridge Arts Festival

Pygoya's section of Webism group network show, "Destination Hawaii"- historic: local solo exhibit as appendage to broader world group network show of same theme!

New Museum of Webism  demo 10/04


Lighthome Hawaii
Local style living

Honolulu Galleries Tour Map
Association of Hawaii Artists Web sites

Hawaiian Treats-for online lovers
Jasmine Trias - Hawaii's American Idol
Studio 1 Gallery & Theater- article oct04
Pygoya Show @ Sam Choy's Waikiki Restaurant

Archived retired sponsored sites-
East Hawaii Cultural Center
Las Vegas Art Museum '98-'01

Art for your online Net life
Baby Boomers: This Art's For You!
Decades in the Making Series (-85-'03); Disco Power Preservation
A page from a club dancer's diary
Bridging Dance & Digital Art
Dance Strategies- Disco Doc
Py's Baby Boomer ROOTS
A dance performance at Gallerie Frankfurt by Pygoya   Disco Doc- '79  '03  '04
A dancer's confession
Let's Go Fishing!
Remember the 70s? Web artists' portraits
Nostalgic San Francisco04


Featured Virtual Art Exhibitions


DESTINATION HAWAII - historic 1st: a Webists networked show of artists' web pages of  linked art sites

SATURN'S RINGS -1st group
art show of Cassini Spacecraft/ Saturn, June 04

MARS-  by the Webists - Feb. 2004

Webists Return to Cyberspace after Europe Tour
Webists @ Home


Archived  Exhibitions or  try
to search
artist's country;
Archived Cyberart Hall  & VIP Gallery Exhibitions

Rave Webmuseum: 
permanent worldwide cyberart exhibits; archived Spotlight exhibitions

O'Carney Webmuseum Theater:

archived fine arts Web-based animation

Cyberculture Art Museum
art with the Internet as subject matter

Cyberculture Library: 

Webism art movement-French -German Portuguese   Japanese  JII

Some Cybercultural sites
Definition of "Cyberart"
The Psychology of Art
Beyond Computer Art
Interview: Pygoyan Art Today
Interview: Deutsch (German)
Other Languages Translations -EuroNetwork e-culture
Digital Prints: a Webist's Viewpoint
Art "Roles" Realization
Art Talk for Dentists

Museum's Network Links

Global Living History of Digital Art

Museum of Webism (3D)

and in its
Pygoya: Selected by this major cultural e-magazine as 
Web Cyberartist of 2002

Pygoya: "Featured Artist of the Month" :

Edward Sokol & Pygoya in 1969!

Wireless (Cell Phone) Art by Pygoya and Ingrid Kamerbeek; Bitvisions, UK

affiliated virtual museum


The Museum of Webism, innovative all 3D virtual musuem of Webists' Internet Art


Pygoya Webmuseum: 
works & theories of the pioneering Webist
- Art is going to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 100 - Pygoya  (coined "Webism"
in 1997);
Pygoya's Life Time Capsule

Collectors of Pygoyan art - be one too!

Pygoya's media OUTPUT alternatives

Roy's Restaurant and Studio 1 exhibits statement 2004

What "Pygoya Museum" Means

e-Notes to Pygoya
Museums Print Exhibit Proposals
Some Collections

"Art Appreciation" Quantified
The Artist's Journal
About the Cyberist
solo, Shanghai Art Museum
Recent Works Gallery
2002  3D Pygoya Museum
MARS - a show by Pygoya in 1997
Oils collection in online 3D Museum
Marathon Cyberbabies 02
Pygoya's Startup
Pygoya's Earliest PC Works (1985-86)
Pygoya Rewrites Art History?
CyberOILS (2003)
End Of Summer Series '03

Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour
European Tour Speech
Webist Greetings,Euro-German Poster-Budapest
Documentation-Europe Tour '03
@MoulinRouge series
Still Live in Vienna 03
Pygoya's Box of Chocolates
Variety Pack New Year 2004 Show
Pygoya's section of world online show, "Destination Hawaii"
Pygoya's BLOGS


Historical Major Exhibitions organized & sponsored by this museum :

House of Cyberculture
India World Cyberart Exhibit, 
2002 Museum International 
    Cyberart Traveling Show

2002- 100 Cyberbabies!
     2003- 120 Cyberbabies!
    2003 - 309 WEB-BABIES!
    2003- www/europe/eArt 
    2003- Vienna Webism Poster
    European Influences Exhibit 2003
    Variety Pack  New Year 2004 Show

Pygoya's European Art Tour '03
France, Germany, Austria, Hungary


Art of The Rock - August 2004

Pygoya's e-Cybercultural  projects:, Flash cemetery); Realville (Virtual suburb); Earthberth (Virtual vrml Cemetery);Pygoya Webmuseum (Virtual vrml Pygoya museum)
Web Cyberstamps-print,cut & paste; Italian project; Mars Stamps; Pygoya's Web Art Calendar 2004
lst day available and py ordered:
PHOTOSTAMPS, legal US stamps
Pygoya's Photostamps Rejected!
Reorder stamps attempt!
Happy Stamps Ending!
Art on Real Postal Stamps

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Pygoya: 1980: In abstract art, the ability of the artist to induce the spectator to recognize the material "below the sensory surface" is a creative responsibility which serves as a criterion for success and attainment of aesthetic value.

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