No. 1 - Kohala Lights, 40x50  - notes: compared to painting, using Photoshop I increased contrast, satuartion, and darkened.

Just got the actual painting today, did above from a digital file from painters seeking approval to ship.
The painting water is too greenish and this image here is too blue; need to pick something inbetween.




No. 2 Island Paradise, 40x50, up saturation like this and contrast to bring out moss on lave rocks in left midground, also higher saturation 

to bring out the rainbow effect on palm, note also left upper tree trunk most more luminous and yellowish than painting.




No. 3  American Small Town, 40x50 - copy exact what you see here

Painting is Perfect too.




No. 4 - Old Hawaii Refuge, 32x40, nice added blackened contrasts to border tree trunks and shadows but add back 
orignal paintings greeness and details; compromise.




NO. 5   Hilo Bound, 32x40, added contrast, darkened, up saturation

Now that I see painting, I find this edit here too dark and contrasty. Just follow painting, maybe a tad darker and more constrast but without losing details in shaded areas.



No. 6 Country Road, 32x40 - Photoshop - added contrast and darken somewhat, but painting looking pretty good now as is.

Painting now in hand; evidently the details of upper overhanging tree branches are lost, but are in the actual painting.

Follow actual painting but darken just road so like here, it looks like its IN SHADE under the tree limbs. The actual painting road is too light, making it look flat and not convincingly under tree shade.  Lasso road in Photoshop and darken.




No.7  32x40, Upward Mobility, copy like this-great colors

Looking at actual painting, I see this edit here is too bluish overall. Painting a bit to greenish. Compromise, leaning 75% towards the original painting's greenness.





No.8 Gushing Creek, 32x40, nice here, good saturated color, clean whites, strong saturated red and blues





No. 9 Volcano Warrior, 20x24, copy the contrast, darkness, saturation and color here

The painting has a greenish ghoulish tinge; here I warmed up the rocky surface towards a golden brownish.


No. 9, Fern Forest now displayed here, JUST COPY EXACT AS PAINTING


Note: of the 9, only 2 are in the art book, No. 7 and No. 8, pages 33 and 19 respectively.

The newer paintings is the way I want to introduce myself to the local public - Hawaiiana emphasis.

Many other works did not make the starting 9 lineup.  So I look forward to working with you regularly 
to showcase many other 16x20s awaiting their turn to shine.

For example, this one just sidelined deserved to be gicleed later-

 Forest 1, 32x40, copy exact what you see here

The actual painting is way too dark.  I up contrast to bring out highlights, really upped saturation to make luminescent
and dreamy

TOTALS: 3  40X50,  5   32X40,    1  20X24 = 9 pieces