No 60th birthday party in a Waikiki discotheque afterall.-

turn of events: email 4/14/05 

Hi Uncle Rod,
I met someone who could get you in the ny marathon this year. He is a
fighting cancer patient and is helping other people with cancer. his name
is Paul Nicholls. Really nice man. My friend introduced me to him to help
me promote the salon and in talking , I told him about you and he told me
to have you check out this site . He is in
the picture with gov. Pataki and Regis kelly.
Hopefully you still want to come. We could set up an art show and have time
to promote it. Let me know what you think.

Love, Vernelle, New York City


Paul Nicholls receives New York Liberty Medal from Governor George Pataki and Governor George Pataki receives Team Continuum sponsorship form from Paul Nicholls. Regis Philbin and Mayor Michael Bloomberg seem amused by the thought of the Governor having to get his wallet out. -