Dear Brother Rod,

WOW!  You are simply amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!  Having run 13 marathons myself(all Honolulu Marathons), i know what and how much is involved in actually successfully participating and completing a marathon.  Your completion of the Honolulu Marathon last December and the Hilo Marathon last Sunday is unbelievable accomplishment for a full time dentist, artist, husband and father.  CONGRATULATIONS!  You really are daaaaaaaaaaaaa BOMB, bro!  Yes, you continue to inspire as a distance runner today.  Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart and soles!  HAHAHAHAHA!  :)  Running with you on sunday mornings have made me realize that i still am able to do the long distance which i normally don't do since being in the small business ownership seven days a week schedule.  WOHO!  :) 

Our five mile run that we did an hour and a half ago this morning caught me by surprise in more ways than one!  First of all, i didn't expect you to be able to run as well and as fast as we did this morning....at about an 8 minute to 9 minute mile per hour pace!....WOW!  You are in WONDERFUL shape for just after doing a challenging Hilo Marathon only ONE WEEK ago!  My gootness!  Impreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessive thatz for sure!  You ran comfortably and smoothly. 

And, the other thing that i will forever remember about this memorable run is your FALL about a quarter mile before our finish!  I was aghast and stood frozen as i watched you go into a seemingly graceful slide into homeplate and then roll like an black belt judo man in 'slow motion' after tripping over a half-inch rise in the sidewalk!  We were so busy discussing the possibility of you and i taking on the Maui Marathon come mid September this year to honor our dear Mom that you got careless......ooops!  Live and learn, huh?  Gotta always be vigilant about those darn uneven sidewalks of Honolulu!  LOL.   Amazingly, you didn't break anything; but, just dusted yourself off and wiped your little strawberries on your knee and palms like it was not a big deal and just said, "letz finish this run, bro!".......what a tough trooper your are, bro!  And, this is the kind of mental and physical toughness thatz brought you so far in life up to now and will continue to take you even further!  WOHO!  Goooooooooooooooo for it, brother Rod!  You can do ANYTHING that you put your mind and heart into......you always have!  So very very proud to be your 'kid brother'. 

Love you,
Brother Clay




Telling all the world your libido is stronger than ever-:)
How this-:) Impossible. 

Cannot believe what you have done. Your bigger than any volcano eruption.

You didn't become a bit older since we met 2001. Please stay human.

Ingrid, Bavaria, Germany


3/27/05 10 :30am

Dear Ingird,

Thank you for the nice compliments.  I went last night, Easter Eve, and danced disco 2.5 hours in Waikiki.  It felt great going back to a dance club after 6 days of resting from the Hilo marathon.  Had an interesting 1st post-marathon run of 5 miles with my brother this morning. The knees and leg muscles felt good during this test/ease-back-into-it run.  Did take a stumble, ending up with  bloody knee. No broken bones so have to be thankful for my blessings this Easter Sunday.  

Py, Honolulu



That's awesome!! Congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment. I'll
be looking forward to seeing you in NY for the marathon maybe. I'll get a
support cheer team ready for you . We can toy around with figuring out how
to use wall space at the salon for your art. You can see what you think
when you see the salon too. Hey, any help with the rent right now would be
helpful I think.  I like the idea of linking our websites. Kevin got my
website up already. check it out www.salonvstyle.com . I already saw your
lastplace ad on google that had salon v on it as well. I like your
runner-artist-photojournalist idea. talk to you later .

Love, Vernelle
Manhattan, NYC

3/21/03 11:18 PM

Hi Rod,

CONGRATS  on completing your 15th marathon!  WOW!  You're the true and real family marathoner now! WOHO!  Your lead as the marathon leader in our ohana continues to grow!  LOL.  I cannot keep up with your tenacious determination, drive and energy, brother Rod!  You're daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BOMB!  :)

And, this marathon was also very very special in that it was the first one that wasn't a Honolulu Marathon, huh?  WOW!  That must have been so differently refreshing and adventurous, huh?  Right down your alley, huh? A time of 5 hours and 43 minutes is terrific knowing the kind of training that you do and being that it was over an unknown course that you took on for the very first time.  Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat job!  :) 

It was also nice to hear that you and Erlinda were able to take in some of the sights, sounds and ono foods on the Big Island before and after the marathon.  Gooooooooooood.:) Looking forward to seeing the many photos that you managed to take along the way as you covered this new marathon route, Rod.  I'm sure that it will enable me to feel like i also ran the course with you.  :)  Again, Congratulations, bro.  Take good care of yourself and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Brother Clay



3/23/05 11:35 AM

> HI Harv,
> Know you too, Harv, can partake of my historic run for the Changs through
> God's country- more unspoiled natural beauty than any remaining part of
> Oahu. Glad I have decided to keep my last vacant parcel and has iniitiated
> the drawings of a Bed & Breakfast by an area draftsman.  The forest with
> Ohia trees and majestic giant tree ferns will be kept with the house nestled
> within for the ultimate wilderness experience and privacy.  My hope is that
> relatives and friends will come up for vacations to partake of this extended
> family vacation spot so mentally far away from our turbulent unreal real
> world.
> Now, posted for all time, online, my Big Island trek over 26.2 miles. Feel
> very satisfied for having completed this online documentation so quickly
> after the run - legs still stiff - but wanted to get it done for "closure"
> of this monumental accomplishment of my life (2 marathons in 3 month span)
> and when the feelings are still fresh.  I think it is one of the few if not
> only world marathon (there are a few hundred offerings now;
> www.marathonguide.com) documented online with photos of the course 
   and I'm toying with the idea of becoming, via the
> Web, The famous runner-artist-photojournalist that does 'the art of
> running." Have slogan will travelL "Artist in the Running."
   Ha ha, starting kinda late....(pushing 6-0)  but, Erlinda said to get on it and
> check online when exactly is the Eugene Oregon Marathon I signed up for
> which is in June. She needs to get the hotel accomodations going and
> schedule family stuff - Rochelle to Detroit ballet school, boys possibly to
> Disneyland with relatives going and Bronson also visiting USC.  So possibly,
> my next photo art doc of the Oregon marathon. Toying further with signing up
> for the NYC marathon in November and visit Vernelle. She entices me with a
> show in her new beauty salon right at street level, East Village, the heart
> of the artsy scene of the Big Apple.
> Here's the Big Island International Marathon -
> http://www.lastplace.com/HiloMarathon05/index.htm
> Aloha,
> Rod

3/23/05  4:43 PM 

  Congratulations on finishing the marathon and the views.  Did you stop to
pick up the pennies en route?  Of course taking pictures while you are
running the race is a "gonzo" journalism technique which adds realism and
context to the story.  My current client is a rollerblader as you've seen
from the links and he sees his exercise as an exploration of a deep
psychological space ie "the zone".  He babbles on philosophically in
sometimes very interesting ways and recently you've seen how he quickly
adopted the liquify filter to allow him to dream of becoming a visual
artist.  Anyway you may be able to use running as a theme to bring your art
to more public acceptance since many people are doing it and therefore may
have an interest in your results if you take it farther than a totally bland
journalistic report.  Hunter Thompson coined and defined the concept of
gonzo journalism which you would enjoy reading about if you haven't already.
He just passed away a few weeks ago.
   Sounds like you have a great hide away planned for the big island.
speaking of the big island, I have a friend that wants me to house sit for
him June 28 thru July 31.  Its a bit long for me to stay on the big island
since I'd pefer to job hunt and consider a move back to Oahu or Kauai but
its a free place to stay if I decide to do it.  He and some other old Peace
Corps friends are living about 10 miles above Hilo on the road to the
volcanoe so I think your place is a bit further along the same road.  Its a
pretty area as your photographs document around Hilo but it rains to much
for me to want to live there.  How is the air now?  The air was quite bad
for a few years due to the volcanoe going off and i know that is still
  I'm most surprised to see a grown up Rochelle in your pictures, I still
think of her as a pretty little princess and now she is a wow!  Good luck
for her in ballet school and the same for Bronson getting into USC but ugh,
i think that's an expensive one so you better point him toward a public
  I haven't forgotten to sign up for the digital group, I've just been busy
with my main client and now I better get to taxes.  I'll get to it.  I'm
also keeping you in mind to go in on a gallery space if i can find a way to
put that together.  My client may move toward that interest as he develops
his visual skills and he has the money to be a good partner but he's not
there yet and his art may take longer to get "there" but I'll keep you
posted.  Let me know where and when you will be in Oregon so in case it
becomes viable for me to get up there then I'll consider it.

  If you've got a fast connection at home then get skype.com to talk over
the computer for free.  Its great.

Harvey (San Diego, CA)


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Big Island experience.
Guess not many artists are also Marathoners. Never heard of anybody taking pics whilst struggling to go through M. And as ever cool accompanying text with helpful thoughts for Big Island folks. You must become famous with this documentation! What a promotion for Hilo and Big Island. And now most likely also Eugene and NYC! Love the frame you got at good price for your Black Forest printed by her. What about a note to CNN may be... wouldn't it be so cool and also great opportunity to talk about Webism. No joke. You have a chance to be featured there! Richard Quest would do the interview. Know him?
Hey tell me how do you manage to look younger than ever!
Love the shot E did showing you in your great hotel on balcony. So romantic view and without kids. Boy you both are so lucky. E looks so sweet. And R!

Bavaria, Germany


Hy Py,
you're looking great on the photo. It seems you did it and you got it :)
Great! Your smile is triggers the watcher of the photo :)

You'r Trip to US some months ago was successfull? I hope it for you.
How is life at the other side of the globe?

Here, I'm happy to have my own studio founded. Now the interesting part starts to crowd it and to get benefit of it. Spring rises all around us. The snow melted in recend weeks and little flowers grow.  Still the air is less then 20 degrees and it is most comfortable.



3/23/05 6:46 PM  (note: dedicated this marathon to my niece's new baby, Parker, born a few days ago; she and I both trained and toiled in different ways yet in parallel chronological time)

hi uncle rod!
finally having some time to check my email!
what an AWESOME AWESOME email!
i was wondering how everything went. i asked my mom about it.  
CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your Parker Marathon!  another one under your belt! 
i bet the big island scenery helped make time go by faster huh?
those photos were excellent! and i appreciate all the wordings you put with each photo. mats and i went through every single one! i loved your captions! esp. the one with aunt erlinda and your blood pressure thing. hahah.  
anyways... me and mats will visit your vacation home! :) how exciting!
thanks for sharing your photos with me!  thank you also for dedicating your run to parker! 
glad you all got to visit him at the hospital!  you konw the little dog that you guys gave him at the hospital?  well, been playing him the music it plays... and he seems to enjoy it alot!!!
better go do some things while parker is sleeping.
he's such a sweet baby!  sleeping a little more and more each night compared to the 20 min naps he'd do the first couple nights we were home!  
congrats again and hope your legs are feeling better!
love you!



Hello Mr Marathon and congratulation for the exploit
and still young and in good shape.
I will love to live in you island after having seen the photographs.
Thank you for the trip   :-) 
nice to you and
Andre Maitre


Hi Rod!
Yeah, looong time no see.  I miss you and Hawaii a lot, but am trying my best to make the best of things here.  Salem is okay, but our new house is great.  Love my new kitchen.  We're getting settled in our new home away from home, and have finally unpacked almost all the zillion of boxes.  Still have the paintings to unpack though and hang on the walls... and we need to figure out what to do about window coverings.  Btw, watch the dvd "Napoleon Dynamite" ... funny movie.  The main actor graduated from Al's school.  haha
CONGRATULATION on finishing your latest marathon!!!  You're amazing, Rod!  Loved your pictures of Hilo... very artistic and fun to look at.  Did you carry the camera during the whole marathon???  Heavy huh?  wow.
So when exactly is the June Eugene marathon???  Let me know.  Very likely, you'll be our very first visitor from Hawaii!!!  Looking forward to seeing you brother Rod!  We visited Kathy and family in Eugene today.  Took us a while to finally do this, since when we do have the time and energy to get into the car and drive one hour, it's usually north to Portland to visit Tad and Jeremy, instead of south to Eugene.  Anyway, it was really nice to see them again and see their nice new home. 
Tomorrow is Alex's 13th birthday!  Teenager!!!  ... and the end of spring break for all three sons.  Had some very nice family time with them this week. 
Have y'all been watching American Idol?  Who's your favorite?
Happy Easter to you and your family! 

Hi Py
I enjoyed the tour through your marathon experience and liked the photo of Erlinda intercepting you with a blood pressure kit!
It's beautiful there. I have not been to Hilo in over 10 years.
Thanks for the tour.


Priscilla  Honolulu

 Hawaii Artists Associaton, director


"Live Volcano Forest"
Bold, the print you are holding on the web site!
Feels like a later Paul Jenkins--

Saint Wayne
Honolulu digital artist



Dear Pygoya,


Thank you for giving my comments a place on your page.


Congratulations on successful completion of MARATHON this year too!


I am in the process of updating my website. Apart from three new Galleries to bring presentation of works up to March 2005, I am doing thorough revision. One of these is as follows:
Rename Page “Destination Hawaii” as “WEBISM” with new content . "WHAT IS WEBISM"  will be on the main page with three links (and pages)  1.WHO ARE WEBISM MEMBERS,  2.WEBISM PROJECTS.  3. DESTINATION HAWAII.
This means the web address of Destination Hawaii will change. I will give you exact information when webmaster completes the work within a fortnight or so. You can correct the hyperlink to my page under Destination Hawaii on your website.
I hope you approve of my page on WEBISM. I am also revising material under page DIGITAL FINE ART and adding a new link here SELECTED WRITINGS ABOUT DIGITAL FINE ART. You have written so much and I am confused. Can you please help me in selecting few key entries for my bibliography? I have selected the following entry for which I do not have the year.


          Definition and Description of Cyberart or the Virtual Art of "Webism"



I will send you my revised write-up on Digital Fine Art in a few days for preview and suggestions.
Best wishes. Keep well,



March 24

You wanted to know my favorite 6:


Bavaria, Germany



To: waiakeabigdog@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 6:15 PM
Subject: Big Island Marathon Finisher Inquiry

Hi Wayne,
I am finisher No. 41. When I got to the finish line the medals already ran out. Do I get one along with a certificate?
I appreciate a response.
Dr. Rodney Chang
Yes, to both questions.  I can mail you a finisher card and medal, just provide me with your mailing address.
   I was not the race director, but as president of the organization, I take full responsibility and would like to apologize for running out of medals.
Wayne ' Big Dog' Joseph
President, Big Island
International Marathon Association
(808) 966-9407


I found that you are not only a doctor and artist but also a good photogpher! I
like those  pictures of wonderful landscape and buildings.

Tom Tong


23 miles - you're a nut, maybe a well-toned nut, but still a nut. Congratulations!

Jodi Melfi


Dear Rodney,
I always think of you when I'm directed to think of smart, prolific, evolved super-accomplished people...
Thank you for being on this planet at the same time I'm here.
Very Best,


Hey, you worldfamous artist and pioneer!
Found this by chance. Guess you know it: