"artist in the running"


A golden moment on the waterfront




Bikers and trucks at 20 kilometers heading towards Volcano (25 miles out from Hilo)




Running towards the airport




The airport is the half mile location; seeing the marker is a relief as well as anxiety provoking.




The 15 mile location is nothing to write home about.




In and about the airport; here a final resting place for vintage propeller aircraft




We got lumber!  So much of Hilo is "made in Oregon" and the city is expanding.




Ah, my favorite photo shot; lucky we live (and run) in Hawaii!  I still can smell the fumes.
Note at the end of the road the bow of the luxury cruise ship docked in Hilo Bay/




This highway is the long last leg of the marathon; heading out of Hilo from the other end away from the Hamakua coast side.  It was less than inspiring, and hard work at this distance to back track 
 into Hilo town for the Finish Line.




Yet there is the occasional serenity to take one's mind off that demanding last 5 miles of any marathon.




Ah, a hint of European heritage here in Hilo




Finally, 20 miles conquered! I almost kissed that sign.




Many placid lagoons exists pass the most forward terrain off the bay's edge.




"Nurse-wife says don't give up, just 3 more miles; you can do it -
even with your cramps!"  I passed her blood pressure test and
she never got to test her new cardiac defibrillator.




When it takes 24 seconds to get from that point A to this point B, you know you're hurting-
but "It's over, a done deal!" Chocked up no. 15 marathon of my life! Calling it a day.




Only a marathoner would run 26.2 miles for a t-shirt; wife
Erlinda whispers in my ear "Retire from this nonsense! Become a walker."




Until the next race




Some carbs and cholesterol afterwards that I don't need from my  ol' buddy here
at Walmart in the Prince Kuhio shopping mall in Hilo town. You can also shop
at the mall's Macy's, Sears, Safeway, Home Depot, Costco, and eat chicken at KFC.

And don't forget to visit famous "Big Island Candy" gift shop and factory (watch through
the glass separation workers make candy working on Sundays)

Other visitors' don't miss: Macademia Nut Factory, the Volcano National Park,
the Lyman Historical Museum, the East West Cultural Center, Rainbow Falls,
and the 24/7 Pancake House at which you can pour on exotic syrups like coconut 
and guava on your stack of buttermilk pancakes. And the serve Kona coffee! But
if you prefer, you can go to Starbucks.




And finally, a hero's welcome back at home in Honolulu by my daughter
Rochelle (right/centered) and her friend Chelsea, over to rehearse ballet moves.

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