August 11,2016


Hi Rodrick,

When you got time, I hope you can help me build a greenhouse like yours. 
How big is it?
Would need about 400-500 ft shed cover instead for storing all the large paintings now filling up my 2 car garage in Honolulu.
Then our cars can finally get off the street.
Want to design it to get as much natural light from top and sides to I can grow, inside, potted orchid plants.  Then from the shed inside
I can take out the paintings (4'x4') and hang them among the orchid pots (on long wooden slabs, elevated with bricks or make wooden legs - the way commercial growers
put their potted plants in greenhouses)- for art shows (advertise on a web site).   I'll do lots of volcano and lava paintings to try and sell to tourists visiting VNational Park.
The greenhouse can be located on the extra vacant acre I have fronting our gravel road.  There's another entrance prior to the main one, but now it's just fenced off with
ohia logs.  After the greenhouse is done I'll need a similar metal gate like the one we have now for security.
Working on my potted orchids, finding storage for all my lifework of art now in the garage with nobody to show them to (some were in museums decades ago), and a little covered
studio space for me to do new artwork, would help make my life complete.





Hi Brett,

Good morning.  As usual, the dream-state influences my directions, action, and life.

Here's what I'm looking into- adding another feature to what I already have at my Volcano property-

Depending on the estimate, I'm hoping there's still enough left (from my IRA total) to EITHER
do another cottage (then I would have 2 besides the main house, making the property potentially a
nice bed & breakfast place in the rain forest) OR get MLE lot no.2 (best investment) OR get the HA 3 acres with CAVE(adventure & fun).
Can' t have both if I put in the greenhouse.


Uncle Rod
Uncle Rod