Giclee Print Editions by Pygoya at Sterling Editions, Springfield, Oregon

Copyright 2004 by Creative Frontiers International and Rodney Chang. All Rights Reserved.


Historic lst large 40x50" Giclee by Pygoya, entitled "Tidal Lights."   Janet Smith, owner and printer of Sterling Editions in Springfield, Oregon,  December 31, 2004.  This size image's edition is limited to 50 prints. Inks on the canvas are archival, guaranteed to last at least 75 years without fadding. This no. 1/50 print is for an Eugene, OR exhibition.  



Here, another 40x50" 1st for a limited edtion of 50. This image, "Below Sea Level," along with
the other 3 below are to be shipped to V Salon in New York City.



"Cyberspace," 30x40",  edition of 100



"Dancing Smoke,"  30x40", edition of 100