By Rochelle Chang


     This fishing trip was also very fun. Well, this time, I fell asleep faster. I fell asleep at about 10:00 pm and woke up about every two hours I guess because I was very excited because during dinner, my dad said that Captain Jesse said that we have a really good chance of catching a marlin.  Well, we left the house at about 4:10 am and went to Mililani to pick up my cousin Jeremy. He was really excited because he has never been on a boat that actually went out to sea before.

When we got to the docks, it was about 4:40. My brothers, Jeremy, and I waited in the cabin while Erik and Greg was setting up the boat. Before we left the harbor, we had to go through the rules again and after that, off we went!

While, Erik and Greg were setting up the fishing poles, I sat up top with my mom. Since we were going I think north, we were going against the waves. So, I stood up pretending like it was some kind of roller coaster. When they were finish setting everything up, Erik showed us how to reel everything in, in case we forgot. Well, after about two minutes after the explaining, there was a fish on line! Bronson jumped into the chair. After about 10 more seconds, there was another fish on line. Houston went to go and get this one. It was to bad for Bronson because his fish got away but Houston's didn't. It was a aku about 8 pounds.

After the catch, we waited for about two hours until the next catch. While I was waiting, I just watched the waves and continued to pretend we were on a roller coaster. I also ate a lot of beef jerky and brownies. Well, finally when we had another  catch, Jeremy went to get this one. He said it was really fun but hard.  It took a couple of minutes until we caught it. I think Jeremy caught the biggest aku for our trip. I mean, it was HUGE!

So, again, we waited for about half an hour until there was another catch. This time, I got to go. It was sort of bad though because I have been waiting for at least 2 to 3 hours and when it was my turn, my fish got away! It got away! I was so sad and maybe a bit disappointed because I didn't catch a fish. But, at least Bronson's fish got away too so, it wasn't so bad.

On this fishing trip, we saw a lot more birds. There were tons of them. It was neat because all the brown sea birds were just skimming across the water and all the white birds, they dove into the water to catch fish. Well, we waited for some time again, and then, triple hit! There were three fishes on line. I got to try again because mine got away. Jeremy helped me reel mine in though because I wasn't very strong. When the fish came aboard, it got hooked on top of it's head!  It was really weird.  It's funny though because my dad made a joke saying, "It looks as though the fish tried to bit our bait with his head!"

I bet your probably wondering what my mom is doing. Well, she has been sleeping the whole time! The only time she would wake up is if the boat rocked so much that it would wake her up or if she was hungry!

When we were heading back to the harbor, they still let the fishing lines go out just in case there was a marlin somewhere out there. But, before we went back, we went around the X buoy. We saw about 5 mahimahi! We went to go and try catching it but we saw a porpoise! I mean, I was sort of glad but not that glad. I was glad because, a real live porpoise! Wow! When do you every see that? But sad because I guess the porpoise scared away the mahimahi.

 About twenty minutes before we would reach the harbor, we took pictures. Finally, my mom was up and took pictures with my dad. She was leaning against one of the fishing poles. Then, POP! On of the poles had a fish on line! It was sort of scary though because it sounded as if something was broken. I was sure lucky because it was my turn to catch a fish since everybody else went except my mom who I think didn't want to go. I jumped into the chair and chained myself to the pole. Again, Jeremy helped my reel this fish in. It was an ono! I caught one just like Houston did on our other trip. Boy, was I happy. So, it didn't really matter now that the first fish I caught got away because I, Rochelle Chang, caught an ono. Oh yeah, after I caught the ono, my mom sat in the chair and my dad made another joke. He said,"Oh, finally your mother is up and look, she's ready to catch a fish! But, we all ready took in the fishing lines so she's too late."

When we got back to the harbor, everybody looked at our boat to see what we caught by looking at the flags. So, when they look at the ono flag, they'd probably be thinking," I wonder who caught that ono. I bet it wasn't that girl there!"

So, this fishing trip was as I said, fun. In some way it was better than the other one but not as better as the other one. It was better because I caught two akus and one ono.  It wasn't as good as the other one because, I knew we could have caught more fish than that and we didn't get to see any dolphins!