“Fish on!!!”

by Jeremy Young
July 18, 2002


     After getting home from work Saturday night, I ate a quick dinner and took one of my dramamine pills. Set up my digital camera, and started charging my batteries so that they would be ready by morning. A little later I hit the sack hoping to fall asleep soon. I could not wait for the next day to come, because I never been deap-sea fishing. I also was hoping that I would not get sea-sick and be puking the whole day.

     That night went by slowly. I woke up every two hours and always felt restless during my short sessions of sleep. Finally it was 4:00am, and I got out of bed, changed, took my second dramamine pill and was ready to go. Uncle Rod and family picked me up and we were off. Still dark we approached the Haleiwa boat harbor and got all of our bags loaded into the boat and set out to sea. I was so excited, we had the whole day out in the deep blue sea to see what we could catch.

     Once we got out of the harbor, we headed upwind, so in East North-East direction. The waves were choppier than I had expected and the boat suddenly did not seem so big, as it was one of the biggest relative to the other boats in their stalls. I was just waiting for my stomach to churn, but it
was all good and I did not feel a thing. Captain Eric, and his friend Greg set up the five huge reels, plunged the tackle into the dark water behind us, as we began trolling the sea.

     The sun began to rise and the salty air filled our lungs. Suddenly one of the reels starts to rapidly unwind. “Fish on!!!” Greg screamed. Right after that another reel begins to unwind. “Two fish on!!!” Greg screams again. Eric slows the boat to idle, Bronson jumps into the chair, while Houston fights his fish from the side of the boat. The fight was on! The two brother’s struggle to wind the line in as the fish fight for their lives. Most likely the Bronson’s fish was an Aku but it was lucky and somehow unhooked itself. The other fish was an Aku, and boy was Houston happy to catch it!

     Next up was me! I could not wait! An hour passed since the last two bites and the sun was fully up when it was my turn to reel them in. The line let out rapidly once again and I ran to the chair for my chance at the fish. Once secured in the chair and holding the pole, adrenaline began running through my veins. Trying to keep the pole steady and having constant tension on the line were my first thoughts so that I would hopefully not lose the fish. Pull the reel up, then let it down quickly as you turn the reel, pull, and wind, over and over again. I was getting so tired. I thought that the fish was a 100 pounder! Finally after much sweat the fish came in and Greg and Eric brought it up to the boat. It was yet another Aku, weighing in at around 25+ pounds!!! I was so ecstatic!

     Rochelle was next in line. When the next line began to let go, Rochelle got in the chair and began battling! She was so determined to catch the fish, and yet the fish she was soon to catch weighed in a third of her weight! Trying and trying Rochelle began to tire, but still kept going. A bit later the fish was up to the boat and we soon found that she caught the Aku by the HEAD!!! Everyone gave a laugh as he fish flopped into the ice bin.

     “Uncle Rod there is a fish on!!! Go for it!!!” I exclaimed. He got into the chair and but could not reel the fish in. The line still was letting out, but unlike the rest of the fish, the line let out ten times faster and did not stop! There was nothing that he could do as he sat there in awe. The fish soon got away. We will never know what it was, but it was definitely the largest, and heaviest fish of the day. I do not think that anyone could have reeled that fish in, even if they were a professional.

     The day let on and then sun became brighter than ever as we kept on searching for the fish. We looked for flocks of birds diving into the ocean feeding on the small fish, and headed in that direction hoping that another school of big fish beneath were feeding on the smaller fish. One o’clock came around and we began to head back for shore. Some Mahimahi were sighted, but we had no luck with them, nothing was biting on the way home. Everyone went into the cabin and took a nap. Bronson and I were telling each other how cool it would be if we caught one more fish on the way home....

     Nonetheless, five minutes before we were going to take the lines in, a rubber band snapped violently signaling that a fish was on! Rochelle and I battled this next one in. Everyone stood on deck in amazement. Rochelle and I got the fish in fast, with both of us muscling the silver fish towards the boat. Eric gaffed the fish to bring in on the boat, it was an Ono! “Alright!” every one yelled, “A different type of fish!” Greg put up an Aku flag along with an Ono flag above the boat to show what we had caught that day.

     What a day it was, I will never forget the excitement we all had when a fish was on the line, the laid back conversations everyone had, and the feeling of total freedom away for those few hours. Now there is actually a “Big” fish story that I can tell for reals now!