JULY 17, 2002


I liked the fishing trip. I caught 4 yellow fin tuna's (Aku). One was 8 pounds and the other three were about 20 pounds each. Yellow Fin Tuna's pull hard for there size. We all caught 8 Tunas, and 1 Wahoo. I caught there first tuna, when me and my brother had a double strike me brothers one got away but I caught mine the tunas are very shiny. When we were about to go back we stop by the X buoy when we were at the X buoy I spotted a school of mahimahi of about 5. So we chummed the water with my tuna and used the tuna for bait. But the school of mahimahi didn't go for it because a small whale was in sight so the mahimahi ran away. When we got back to the harbor we took out the guts of the fish and thought it into the water and stingrays come by to eat the guts of the fish everyday after the charter.