JULY 17, 2002


                I thought that this third fishing trip was another great experience.  On this trip we caught bulky aku's after aku's.  The trip was like all the other trips except more fish.  We ended the day with our cooler filled with more than 200 pounds of fish. 

                This trip was also just as exciting if not more exciting than the other trips.  On this trip my cousin Jeremy came along and kept the trip exciting and out of the norm.  One other thing that made this trip fun was my new digital camera.  I brought along my camera bag which held my Fuji 2600Z digital camera, three sets of rechargeable batteries, straps for supporting my camera, and all the extra accessories for a complete camera kit.  I had fun on this deep sea fishing photo shoot, capturing almost 200 photos.  The results came out pretty good and much better than the trip before when I used my obsolete 640x800 camera.

                This trip was not the same as the trips before either.  We had a new crew; Captain Eric and Deckhand Greg.  They both as friendly as the previous crew and did a great job on getting fish on the line for us.

                I thought that the trip wasn't the perfect trip in catching fish wise.  We only barely caught two types of fish, including a lucky snag of an ono right before going into harbor.  We caught aku after aku and it started getting a little monotonous.  It was fun but a better variety would have been better.  Our trip was almost a "full house" but we lost a huge fish that might have been over 100 lbs and missed a school of mahimahi, maybe next time, hehehehe.  I'm not saying I was not satisfied with the trip but just have to think about how much better it could have been with out the lost fishes.

                All in all, it was a great trip.  I had a lot of fun and got some good documentary with my camera.


Se Ya,