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Rodney Chang was born in Honolulu,Hawaii in 1945. It was pretty cool he said; beach, surf, fishing, football, basketball, girls, TV, drive in movies, collecting everything from stamps to bugs, being in a rock band, hanging out at discotheques for 25 years and is still doing it. After graduating from art school at Northern Illinois University, Master In Art, he did paintings, sculpture and printmaking for a couple of years. But he had a feeling everything had already been done and he was just a needle in a art haystack. Then he was introduced to computer graphics and it was love at first touch (of the mouse). "There was so much to uncover" he said, from early software (1980's) and it seem that his digital art was not only original stuff but pioneering, especially in an artistically backward place like Hawaii.

To learn more about my artist, you can find him and his work at:
Pygoya's collectibles

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