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Straight Out of the Camera


Xi Yang
Lund, Sweden

Xi Yang


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Artist's Statement

It is a time that almost everyone takes photos. And there are lots of nice photos. It is hard to tell if one photo is better than another one, because different people has different opinions about art.  People Photoshop their photos, no matter if it is portrait or landscape. So it is somehow hard to tell if a work is a good photo or a good CGI work, as well as the boundary between photography and CGI.  It is a time that the pretty faces and stunning landscapes we see on magazines or websites are seldom the same we can see from the real world.  I don't like it, as feminists don't like the exaggerated bodies on some underwear ads, so I never Photoshop my photos. So all the photos you see in this exhibition are straight out of camera and not edited at all. Enjoy!


All photographs copyrighted by the artist.  All Rights Reserved.



Bike Road











Silent Hill





















Sunset Trees










Stream Reflection










Winter Birds, Swedish Winter




















Take a Bath











Decay in Spring































Night Falls, City Lights




















Winter Birds, Swedish Winter 2





















Secret Blue















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