Truly Virtual Web Art Museum   presents

Digital Works of Warren Furman

Montrose, PA, USA

June 1, 2013 Show Launch


Although Furman seldom missed an opportunity to take an art class in the course of his formal education and had created a considerable number of paintings, sculptures, etc, he never really considered himself a visual artist until the early nineties when, after discovering the exciting possibilities of digital art, he began painting in earnest.  As a composer first, he tends to paint "musically" with motifs, progressions, transformations and colors all combined to inform what he considers to be an aesthetic, satisfying whole.

One of Furman's earliest series was created with an early version of Photoshop.  The motif is a simple five-pointed star which over time began to resemble dancers, hence the title Star Dancers.  In musical terms, they would probably best be described as a theme with variations.  Photoshop has come a long way since and so have he, but his processes remain pretty much the same: create a shape and go!  Exceptions are a few scenic photos and the Neptunes series which began with a scanned piece of found ship's hardware.

Furman has also created several Flash animations set mostly to his own own music.





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