Artist's Statement  - Romeo Lagat




      I was born in the Philippines in the ever-bustling city of Manila.  I came to the Hawaii of the U.S.A. when I was 18 years old.  Since then I have become American in every way, seeking out the ideals as a goal in this great nation.
     Since my youth I have been attached to the art that my older brother produced daily.  With fascination I would watch my brotherís honed hard work as he created portraits of family members and interesting people on the streets of Manila.  His eyes for the unusual and inner beauty of his subjects led me to see the world I live in an entirely new and exciting way. 
     Thus began my endeavor to become an artist, capturing the physical, spiritual and natural beauty of the world around me.
     Hawaii has afforded me an abundance of natural wonders to reproduce through artistic expression.  Sometimes my works make use of color and other times use only black and white.  All interpret the majesty of Godís creation in these enchanted islands
     I also am influenced by a lot of artists like Wayland, Christian Lassen, Kim Taylor Reese, Tabora, and Pygoya.