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-An apple a day keeps the doctor away

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November 6, 2013


Apple 3        Ansgard Tompson








Apple 2        Ansgard Tompson








Apple 1        Ansgard Tompson









Apple 1        Andre' Maitre









Apple 2        Andre' Maitre









Apple 3        Andre' Maitre









Strange Phenomena 1         Arno Signarowski









Strange Phenomena 2        Arno Signarowski









Strange Phenomena 3         Arno Signarowski









Apples 1        Brigitte Hoppstock









Apples 3        Brigitte Hoppstock









Apples 2       Brigitte Hoppstock









Apple Heap      Rodney Pygoya Chang










Apple for the Teacher         Rodney Pygoya Chang









Apple Sisters       Ingrid Kamerbeek










Apple Seduction       Ingrid Kamerbeek









Apple 12       Ingrid Kamerbeek









Apple 7        Ingrid Kamerbeek









Apple Dried          Brigitta Krause









Apple Dried - Green           Brigitta Krause









Blue Apples          Brigitta Krause









An Apple a Day at Arena           L. Putnik









Apples           L. Putnik









Self Portrait           Victor Valqui Vidal









Waiting for Robin          Victor Valqui Vidal









Apple For My Teacher - From Flunked Student             Rodney Pygoya Chang






Historical Document for lst Historic Show for upcoming new virtual museum


Scheduled to open in 2014