Truly Virtual Web Art Museum  -TVWAM  presents

Lasting Impressions, Inside Out

of the Greater Chicago Area



    In this series of paintings, I'm painting in a reactionary, stream of conscious style.  I have no pre-planned sketch.  I just begin painting lines and shapes, and I continue to build layer upon layer.  I'm interested in layering, and in creating a sense of depth through this layering.  The free form, abstract style allows me to physically put my body sensations and feelings into my brush strokes.  It's both scary and exhilarating.  It's a welcome break from the precision of my CAD and 3D computer work.

   In my current 3D work, I'm creating a series of product parodies.  I was a huge fan of Wacky Packages as a child.  Back then, I didn't own a computer or color printer.  There weren't even color copy machines!  I hand-drew in pencil a number of my own parodies on white mailing labels.  Creating this series is the fulfillment of my childhood dream of creating my own parody series.

   All of my work is about color, energy, and about creating unique & exciting imagery that leaves a lasting impression with viewers.

   Why title my show "Lasting Impressions, Inside Out"?  Because my paintings reveal my inner self through bodily sensations and intimate feelings, whereas my humorous parodies links my computer graphics skills to the external youthful environment of hi tech video games and animation.


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