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The Joy of Creativity

by Helmut Licht

Online exhibition since January 20, 2913

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I came to the USA from Germany in 1958.

Initially I studied music at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, majoring in composition. I was drafted into the US Army right before my senior year. Circumstances changed and I decided to study art at the Maryland Institute College of Art, from where I graduated in 1961.
In the middle 80’s I decided to get, and got, my masters from Towson University.
I have taught at Morgan State University, Catonsville Community, Essex Community and Towson University.
I also lead my own Big Band for which I write and arrange all the music.
I was awarded the professional Gold Medal from the Arthur Murray School of Dancing, where I taught dancing to earn my conservatory tuition.
I am also a professional Astrologer, certified by the American Federation of Astrologers.

I have written and published three books:
  -My God, here there, everywhere (spiritual)
  -The Force is with You (How to create for yourself a good and happy life)
  -Declinations and the Vertical Zodiac (Astrology specific)
For the past 18 years I have been holding ‘Wednesday Night Ballroom Dancing’, where I teach ballroom dancing and then play music to dance to.
I lead a 15 piece big band for which I arrange and write most of the music.
A few years back I converted my two-door garage into an atelier/gallery, where I do all my painting. Because there is no heat in my studio I decided to try digital art to get me through the winter. I love it!

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