Truly Virtual Web Art Museum   presents historic

Classical Painting Crossover to Wireless
iPad fine arts images created using iPad graphic ap

by Corliss Blakely

An online exhibition since
February 1, 2013





Truly Virtual Web Art Museum is proud to present the new digital works of Corliss Blakely.  The Vermont artist is internationally acclaimed for using watercolor, oil, and egg tempera to render masterful works in the classical, realistic style. Her work is exhibited in collections worldwide.

Upon discovering her work online, I was amazed at the results that Blakely is able to achieve by using the iPad and iPhone.  They perceptually mirror her works on canvas, like magic turning the screen surfaces of these latest digital wireless gadgets into rendered  masterpieces, seemingly on canvas.  The subjects appear influenced by natural lighting, although there is none in the electronic realm of pixels.

If ever there is doubt  that these devices can be worthy in their own right as art medium and fine art displays, the results of Corliss Blakely serve as definitive proof of their efficacy.
  These stunning images bridge the traditional art world of the past with the new world of the present - as well as of the future.  These works of fine art are significant milestones in the major cultural shift and expansion of art media now in process in the new age of high technology.  It is deemed important that these early digital works be exhibited in a museum to document the cross-over achievement of Corliss Blakely.

The artist continues to also work in the time-tested traditional media as well as in the emergent medium of digital light.

Rodney Chang, MSEd., Ph.D., curator


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