Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

Digital Explorations on the iPAD


August 2013

Ansgard Tompson


Artist Statement by Ansgard Thomson   21.7.2013




Being still fascinated creating images with new tools that can be shown virtually on the internet, I am happy
they will be saved at  As a colourist mainly composing abstract works, I found the iPAD 
a very useful tool I can use like a sketchbook on location .  I rarely use photographs for my basic images. 
I develop my compositions from selections of colours and forms and work with it till I like it.  I am mainly 
a painter and everything I ever learned in painting with watercolours, pen and inks, acrylics and oils have
made my Digital Fine Art Exploration very meaningful and enjoyable at my advanced age. 

The art applications are less expensive and saving the images for future use is easy .  As a colourist and 
a former traditional painter I found the IPAD very similar to the old drawing block I used for sketching on
location . Holding the IPAD on my lab in a sitting position, the natural light gives a greater control of using
virtual transparent colours in layers and finding ways of free exploration on how to use the tools at hand. I 
found it fascinating to paint with light and colour to no end 

Hope my show will bring some enjoyment to the visitors at the show.

My very special Thanks to Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang for inviting me to show in his Virtual
Digital Museum in 2013.




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