Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

Padded Art:Wireless Art
by Pygoya

December 18, 2012
Rodney Chang Copyright 2012

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Hit Counters





Padded Cliff










Padded Art 1-  KISS ME











Tablet Came Knocking











Ballistics  Galore











My iPad's Moon Bright Night 











i Style










Night Marchers











Overheated  Tablet










What Would Klee Say?










Pad 3D Art 1











Tablet Meltdown









Sketchy Beginning










Pad Swamp











Wireless Scream










Padded Petals










Drawing Inwardly










Padded 3D Art 2












The Mist























26.1 Miles










Padded Garden 










Mt. Tablet














Up on the Ridge











Out on a Limb











Padded Art 3 - Whirlpools











Natural Order











Pad 3D Art 4











Cherry Blossoms  at Warp Speed











Live Wire












Tablet Eruption























Steaming Soft Yolk











"I see my house!"











After the Storm










Kilauea Crater











Gentle Touch










A Spider's World











iCloud Download
























Wind & Surf
































Mother and Child










3D Pad Drawing





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