Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

Working Webists 2012

About Webism and the Webists (join us), with its web hub at co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek's site 

Show launch online on December 2, 2012, 4:30 pm WA/USA time.   All artwork copyright protected by the artists 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

Dedicated to  the memory of our deceased Webists, Vijaybhai Kochar of India and Dieter Grossmann of Ulm, Germany

The cycle of life:    Ariel Young was born today, the same day as the  launch of this online exhibition.    The child's parents are
Jeremy and Rachael Young of Vancover, Washington.  Jeremy, an engineer, is Pygoya's nephew. So this show is also a birthday
 present to Ariel, delivered during the same hour   that the show was uploaded.  This concurrence of events was not planned.
Sandra, Jeremy's mother, Pygoya's sister, is an artist. Will
Ariel follow her grandma's calling? Maybe someday become a Webist?

An online exhibit by global artists, dedicated to contributing art to the Internet. The goal is to create art  that acculturates  by establishing  an indigenous art
of online  global cyber-culture,   thereby expanding  art history  to include  the digital realm of  the Internet with its digital imagery. 
Dr.  Rodney Chang, Curator


Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Amanda Tomasoa, Auckland, New Zealand   

Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland  

Arno Signarowski, Gladbeck, Germany  

Björn Dämpfling, Berlin, Germany  

Brigitta Krause, Eckernforde, Germany   

Brigitte Hoppstock, Neufahrn (Munich), Germany 

Dan McCormack, Accord, New York, USA  7 (nudity)

Chris Marshall, Perth, Western Australia

Gerhard Hoberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany  

Heinz Sterzenbach, Berlin, Germany    

Ilona Picha-Höberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Bavaria, Germany  

Ingrid Kamerbeek,  Sonthofen, Germany

Johanna Renate Wöhlke, Hamburg, Germany   

John Powell, Mandeville, Jamaica  

Jon White, New York, USA  

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe, Plaidt, Eifel, Germany  

Kytom Leakh'im, Freiburg, Germany   

Linda Martin, Sidney, Australia 

Mariano Petit De Mural, Cozumel, Mexico  

Olga Pavlova, Chisinau, Moldova 

Roberta Masciarelli, Dallas, Texas, USA  

Rodney Pygoya Chang, Volcano, Hawaii, USA 

Sergej Jakovlev, Gothenburg, Sweden 

Tatiana E.P.-Galatch, St. Petersburg, Russia/Budapest, Hungary 

Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA   



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Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
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Dear Visitor :  When was the last time you went to an art show and had the
opportunity to experience 150 works of art?  And without all that walking!  Enjoy.