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Uploaded November 20, 2012

2012 Copyright Rodney Chang. All Rights Reserved.



Fresh Leafy Greens










Understated Veggy in digi- Oil on Canvas











Kale Leaf











Veggie Galaxy











Moist, Lush, and Crunchy










Sprouts of Kale










Fancy Kale - (Softer & Sweeter than Not-So-Fancy)










Looming Clouds Lose










Fresh Manoa Lettuce










Green Onions Resrpouts From Roots of Bought Bunch Eaten










Plant the Color of Its Future Fruit










World of Anti-oxidants










More Garden Yummies











Sprouting Red Lettuce Next to Stalk of Kale










Dripping Fresh










Old Kale Reboots As Holds On To Pole Support









Yellow Ginger Sprouts










Kale - bisected and stained











Kale bisected and recolored










Kale - bleached










Kale Dream











Veggies Collaged











Stars of this Web-show






the artist- before,




Rodney Chang, 1983, painting and sculpture (ceramic, bronze, mixed media), 2 years prior to starting digital art (1985-present)



Read his book,  The Artist Who Thinks Too Much at



Today's online identity as Internet artist, coiner of "webism"


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