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These David Hockney drawings produced with/for the iPhone and iPad can now be downloaded for free. Hockney was an early progenitor of Apple’s devices and was using the Brushes app as early as 2008.  At first the painter only shared his digital drawings with friends but by 2010 decided to make them freely available to the World presenting them first in Paris and then in Toronto.  In Canada The Royal Ontario Museum invited the public to download a series of free images by Hockney. This is the series, presently formally as a virtual show for Internet culture.  These digital works by a historically
famous artist adds further validation for the digital art medium archived for posterity in our virtual Web museum.


 The fact that the screen is illuminated makes you choose luminous subjects, or at least I did. Dawn is about luminosity and so is the iPhone. People send me iPhone drawings which look OK, but you realise that they are not picking particularly luminous subjects – which this medium is rather good at [in ways that] another medium isn't.

Picasso would have gone mad with this.  So would Van Gogh. I don’t know an artist who wouldn’t, actually. - David Hockney


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