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BY PYGOYA RODNEY CHANG  - served online June 15, 2012
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Hot out there?  At the beach with no shade?  In the desert, looking for a boulder's shady side as buffer from the scorching rays?   Just back from a hike in the rugged hills?  Overheated after completing a 15-mile jog out on searing asphalt?  Exhausted after returning from a 10-mile force march in full gear?   Or thirsty and dry throat after a pickup basketball game at the inner city hoops, under 100F in the smothering sun? 

Then check this out and drool over the icy art.  These might be the first ever fine arts snow cones (called shave ice in Hawaii). 
Enjoy... but hurry - before they melt! -



One for Modernism











Shave Ice for Lovers











Bleeding Heart











Too Gorgeous to Lick












The Swamp












Viscous & Sweet But No Vanilla Ice













Rough Terrain - Proceed at Your Own Risk













Takes Me Back to Volcano












Venus Fly Trap












Bring an Umbrella When Visiting the Pyramids










Classical Abstract in Chilly G Minor













Wrapped for Kid's Delight












Sophisticated for Adult Taste













Melting Igloo Due to Global Warming












Ya'll Come Back, Now!




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