A run-with-me virtual opportunity to imagine yourself running the 26.2 marathon.  
On foot you see much more than when you do the route by car. Come run with me!

All images 2012 Copyright Rodney Chang

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traditional start to the Start





In bus shuttle, about to leave zoo/Kapiolani Park, for 45 minute ride to Haleiwa park. Went to hotel in Waikiki from here,
picking up Japanese runners that filled up the bus.






We're here!











A peek at the Finish Line.  The Start was further up, by the trees, just beyond the blue Finish chute.











At the park restroom facility and park











Police before separating out along the course for safety and traffic control










The Pause before the Start












5 am in the park











Moment before the Start.... about 850 full marathoners











We're off from the beach park and towards Haleiwa main street, passing along the harbor.











Turning the corner and into town.  $4.64 a gallon for Premium











Aokis Shave Ice greets the runners into Halewa; next to Matsumoto's shave ice.








Cross shines still yet







lst Aid Station is at McDonald's...."Sorry, just water... the fries are extra."








We went right







It's looking like a loop








First river scene









Looking back while on the bridge








Water girls and big smiles with sunrise behind them








4 miles photographed for you the voyager, and  for historical documentation







Passing large lawn at sunrise








Back around to the Park START/FINISH location








Once more to the boats








Dawn at Haleiwa barber - see famous bridge in distance








Whip around to head along Main Street, Haleiwa.  Note 19th Century local masonry with frontage turned funky/animated.








Along Main.  The Late Rev. Sam Saffery, my friend, was once the pastor here








See what I mean by "animated?"  I just love it.








At 5 you're in Haleiwa - but not to drink








Must be a cool place on Saturday nights








It's getting brighter but no tourists yet.








I love documenting online how local folks live, along the different national marathon routes 
I have been fortunate to have experienced in my life








A surfer's paradise.  North Shore is world-famous for its international surf meets.









Flying scarecrow flies and says "Stay Away!"








Leaving town for Waialua









To Waialua neighborhoods










"Waialua Community Assn  1931" - Waialua was once a  thriving corporate sugarcane plantation village, but now a high-priced getaway to
the country from bustling, nerve wracking Honolulu on the other side of the island (Oahu).








Bridge into Waialua with much of its olden days pineapple and sugarcane village charm and appeal still intact. 








Now we can see the hill way out and a beautiful sky, clear of vog this day (a worry all week when Kona 
winds brought the volcanic air pollutants over to our Honolulu skies).








Looking behind me.  Yes, we runners can be litter bugs








Charming building as you come off the bridge








Waialua town







L&L is a chain of fast food stores with local favorites.  Wouldn't find home delivery in Honolulu








Hello 6





































Numbers can be deceiving








Another bridge and waterway








In Waialua neighborhood








Yes, running towards all three along the route









7 miles with a warm welcome to Waialua








Waialua High School baseball field








The famous and historic chimney stack at the now retired sugar cane factory...let's run closer















A lovely shot of the chimney with overgrowth of Hawaiian weeds in foreground, I thought, as I jogged by but  returned to photograph.








It's pretty dry out in Waialua.  Industrial irrigation of water was crucial for the crops of pineapple and sugarcane. Huge old trees








This much closer, a ways to go....