A run-with-me virtual opportunity to imagine yourself running the 26.2 marathon.  
On foot you see much more than when you do the route by car. Come run with me!

All images 2012 Copyright Rodney Chang


Weeds holding back soil erosion of field







A side road through agricultural land along the paved street that we are running on








Frame it








Could have been Miss Volunteer of the sports event.   Leader on the way back.
















Imagine living here










A rainbow greets us at 11









Future harvest profits golden?








Rats! All these telephone poles and lines are in the way.








And I also  cannot get that guy out of my shots.









A great running shot!







Patience was a virtue.  This composition integrating the telephone utility lines works.








Rain's gone.  Still running along this long, long, highway...which turns out to be the scenic nature-Hawaii segment of the run







Big difference from main streets, yeah?









12 by a ranch and ironwoods








Even horses!








Ah, water - probably Waialua high school student volunteers getting community service credit.  Of course I could be wrong.








Long time famous local youth camp on the island.   Daughter Rochelle stayed here long ago.








Across the camp, on the other side of the highway








Abuts Dillingham Airfield - and paragliding drop zone








Bad luck "13" in front of airfield








Long airstrip along the mountain range that ends as "Kaena Point"- the eastern tip of Oahu island.









Entering Kaena Point State Park









Finally, ocea front run









15 miles is in Kaena park








So is YMCA's Camp Erdman - since 1926!








This guy's heading back from the turn-around;  typical Camp Erdman cottages







Cacti loves dry and hot - that's Kaena beach area








Only mid-way computer chip time recorder on the route.  Nice official,  because....









He asked if I wanted my picture in front of the sign, so I said, "Sure!"










At the end of the road to Kaena Point, eastern tip of Oahu island.  Also turn-around point to back to Haleiwa.








At the turn-around Keana Point aid station.  Last slip of water before you head back out on that long, long highway?









Then she asked if I wanted my picture taken next to the sign.  I said, Why, Sure!








It will be blazing  hot and dry, threatening dehydration and leg cramps.







At Kaena Point beach parking area








An energy pack,  before you hit the highway back...
















By myself








Nice view!








By 17,  she's long gone


Keep on Running!