Peace and Love e-Show
Online cultural contribution from the Webists based upon their Peace and Love International Art Project

"Flag of PEACE & LOVE"
A project by Victor Valqui Vidal, Copenhagen, Denmark
140 international contributions from 16 nations, dimension 3 m x 4.2 m
in charge for Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Ingrid Kamerbeek, WEBISM


Adel Fortia, Misurata, Libya






Alejandra Cervino, Mar Del Plata, Argentina






Katerina Xarchopoulou, Greece






Britta, VASAC, Slagelse, Denmark






Catherine Petre, Brussels, Belgium





Alejandra La Porta, Mar Del Plata, Argentina






Daniel Gonzales Eguia, Mar Del Plata, Argentina






Ingrid Kamerbeek, Garmisch-Partenk, Bayern, Germany






Juan Acosta, Mar Del, Plata, Argentina






Gabriela & Amp Pilar,  Roldan, Spain






Julie Vidal, Copenhagen, Denmark






Laura Ibaņez, Argentina





Inger Jensen, RUC, Roskilde, Denmark





Jytte Mortensen, VASAC, Slagelse, Denmark





Kenneth Francis Andrew, London, Great Britain





Laura Ibaņez, Argentina

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