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Christophe Buszkiewicz
International Fine Art Photographer, New York City

March 10, 2012
I have always loved to photograph, since the first time I picked up my Uncle's Polaroid camera on Christmas Eve 
1967.  I was 6 years old. I  remember being fascinated by composition- capturing my family, the colors and 
styles of the late sixties, and the almost immediate pleasure of watching the image develop in front of my eyes 
on that white Polaroid.  When I was 19, I frequently went on photo shoots with friends- at that time Black & 
White 35 mm film was the only way to go. I always preferred to photograph outdoors- capturing the subject in its 
natural light. I was fascinated with railroad tracks, industrial backgrounds, juxtaposed with nature.  I have
worked in the International travel industry the past 20 years, having the very fortunate opportunity to travel 
and photograph in  so many incredible places on 6 continents in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South 
I am a realist.  All my digital images are untouched/unaltered.
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Next exhibition -
 New York City's The Broadway Mall Gallery 
- "Surf, Bike, Dance," May 22-28, 2012 at The Broadway Mall Gallery on the 96th Street Island