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Christophe Buszkiewicz
International Fine Art Photographer, New York City
Voggy Visions- Christophe's Eye

UPLOADED   March 10, 2012
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CHRISTOPHE BUSZKIEWICZ, was born in Milwaukee WI, and moved to New York City upon graduating from The UW Madison where he studied Zoology, Psychology, & Dance. Christophe worked in a variety of jobs before settling down in the field of cultural & luxury travel. Given the opportunity to travel world-wide, he was able to realize his childhood dream - to document his experiences through the art of photography With an eye for showing the unusual in the usual, Christophe's works make one observe familiar and common sights in a new and unique juxtaposition. All of Christophe's fine art photography is untouched, with no post-production work. Christophe, also known for his culinary and mixology talents, continues to record the unraveling saga that is New York City on a daily basis. He is developing a reputation for his informal head shots for musicians and actors, and is currently working on a portfolio of abstract images of ballet and modern dance. His photographs were featured as the backdrop for Honolulu's Alive Ballet Center's Spring Production in March of 2013, "The Journey". Christophe has been busy photographing Classical Ballet & Contemporary Dance at Indiana University's prestigious, "Jacobs School of Music",  and will be traveling to Nice & Barcelona in June, 2015, to artistcly capture the food, architecture, and landscapes of the region. Christophe will be exhibiting his latest works, May 19-25, 2015 at The Broadway Mall Community Center on 96th St. & Broadway. His Fifth exhibit includes still images that are dispayed in a moving slide show to Classical Music, as well as Landscapes of Genoa, Italy, as well as abstract images  from around the globe.  You can view some of his recent works at the virtual museum:, and on his website:

Email: christophe777 @
Rainbow in Waimea
Escape to Kona
 Kona Plains
 Church & Surf, Naalehu
 Road to Nowhere
 Pahoa Town
 Bursting Waters
A Skip into the Light
Volcanic Beach
 Sunset, Hapuna Beach
 Pink Smoking Palm
 Drive to the Light
 Smoking Caldera
The following images capture the "voggy vision" inner experience of the photographer as guest at Pygoya's Volcano Disco retreat at Volcano
Volcanic Fern
Ghost of Marilyn Monroe, #1
Ghost of Marilyn Monroe, #2
Volcano Disco UFO Mirrorball
Coo Coo Chang
Early Morning View, Volcano House
Pygoya Volcano House
 Py's Front Garden

 Rue De Rochelle