Hawaii Volcano National Park, Volcano, Hawaii

@ Midnite, July 17, 2010

We just drove through the front unmanned gate towers.  Everything remained silently eerie
as we made our way along the dark road without street lights.    The parking lot for the
lookout at Jaggar Museum was empty.  Only a slight breeze cut the stillness of the moment.
We made our way to the lookout's railing closest to the crater.  There, out in the distance and
cloaked in blackness, the hot red glow of the burning lava within continued its show-  now
to an  audience  of two.  We were awed by its presence and honored to be the only human
eyes to view its glory in the moment. -

Copyright 2010 Rodney Pygoya Chang











When clouds covered the full moon








Full moon out again 









In the full moon, a sight to behold!








Some inspired artwork from that night-



Volcanic Topping









Lurking Lava Forms by Night







The Wrath of Pele, Goddess of the Volcano









Emissions Mushroom to Cover the Islands










Digital Eruption








Night Cloak








With Night Goggles









Twin Sisters



Another Volcano Art Exhibit by Pygoya

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