A dedicated online exhibition by the Webists-
contributing to the growth of indigenous global cyberculture
Sponsored by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
-making this exhibtion a permanent exhibition for the Internet
Show launched into cyber-orbit August 1, 2009 in perpetuity
Copyright of artworks remains with the participating artists

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This exhibition proves that when artists work together under the
commonflag of humanity and brother/sisterhood, the combined power
of their creative work lights up like an beacon, revealing that 
we are all one. And as a family of Man we share a common wonder 
for our beautiful yet fragile planet, as well as an appreciation 
for all the diverse creatures that share it with us.
-Rodney Pygoya Chang, Co-founder of the Webists

Dear Artists: 
In appreciation of your contribution to this exhibition,
the virtual museum presents you with this award to be
displayed proudly at your website.  Please download and
link it to this exhibition or specifically to the exhibit
page on which your work is displayed.  Thank you very much!
Dr. Rodney Chang, Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum 

Inspiration of the Day:

"I think raising consciousness, helping people see and understand how
they're connected to these larger systems in the world around us, is an
incredibly important thing. I think art can do this in ways that are
provocative, meaningful and inspirational, deeply moving, beautiful,
connected with history and culture and resonant. I think that's a big part
of it. There's another part of it where I think artists have the opportunity
to more than call attention to problems and preach, to really help solve
problems. To help create things that work better, that are just more
beautiful and right." Works and Conversations Magazine interviews Sam Bower,
founder of GreenMuseum.org, which helps people create, present and
appreciate art that heals our relationship with the natural world.
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