The name is Cafe Central and in former times it was a very beloved place for poets and writers and artists to meet.
I really don´t know very much details about the history of this cafe but i know the it was the one and only cafe
of the famous austrian writer and editor "Peter Altenberger", if you do remember the puppet at the entry door sitting at a table, this was he. In rememberance they sat this puppet at the door. He gave to all people the cafe´s adress as his home adress :-)
Other well known guests were : Schnitzler, Kafka, Werfel, Max Brod, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Egon Fridell, Karl Kraus, Hermann Bahr

The cafe was opened in 1860.
Here are some urls from the café but it is in german, but there are nice photos.
Above you will find some other nice places in Vienna too.



Hi all,

We have an offer for an exhibition in Vienna in the Museums Quarter next year.
Some of you may remember the location (Stiftung Leopold is there too and the place of Quintessenz and monochrom as well).
Once a year in Vienna the Linux weeks take place and in 2004 it is the end of may in the MQ.
The organizers want to connect the Linux event with digital art in 2004.
The event will take place at 3 different halls in the MQ and we have the choice....and all for free !
There is very much space to expose, even a huge slight show with our pics is appreciated.
The organizers proposed to make an opening for the artists the first or second evening of the event (all in all the expo will last 5 days, but there will be lots of well known people, politicians, from economy etc)
They even will pay the opening (drinks and food)
It would be great if you could be present at the opening (details will follow), because it will be a big event.
And as more of you can come the better it will be for us.
Ingrid maybe you can think about other participants (Hans-Georg Türstig, Norbert Strippel etc)...
I will ask Willem den Broeder ( i really would like to get him for the expo)

That´s all for the moment
Please tell me what you all think about it.