Born in 4th May 1971 in Gauhati, Assam (eastern India), brought up  mostly
in the Himalayas (at Kurseong, Darjeeling), showed some talents as an
illustrator since early childhood. Wanted to be a cartoonist after dropping
out (in disgust) from high school because the science they were teaching was
only for would be clerks and managers. Joined art college and ambitions
changed to that of a serious artist for a while, while rebelling by dropping
out again after first year. First and second exhibitions of paintings (inks,
watercolors acrylics and oils) went largely unnoticed except for some
encouraging reviews. Got into cartooning, journalism and finally web
development. Art went into radical changes in form and content after
introduction to computer tools around mid-nineties. Y2K Millennium Exhibition
with Pygoya at Calcutta was a great high, quite well publicized. Created new
web gallery ( in 2003 (the third since 1996) and
currently exhibits cyberart and digital art besides other categories.
Meanwhile, got into education technology by 2003, wrote a new software which
runs at some of the best world schools in Asia Pacific including India's
most well known school at Kodaikanal. Runs a education software company and
hopes to artistically combine education and technology in more ways
than one besides pursuing  artistic activities like painting, photography,
digital media productions,...  and perfecting ways to have more fun and

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