Showtime In Vienna


    This series of webworks was done over a month and a half after my first European art tour and exhibitions.  I consciously attempted to be influenced by the landscape, and by the "Old Europe" palette of colors of traditional late 19th Century paintings.  Since my work is abstract, I felt it a broadening of my European experience to include "manipulated photographs" taken by me on my journey.  Hopefully you can feel the wonderful adventure Europe was for me, feet virgin to European soil.


Then last week I got the idea to package my series in a Web interactive project.  I thought why not have a calendar page that can be bookmarked, with month's dates clickable to display the day's Web Art for one's online enjoyment?  So was hatched this 3 month, first quarter, conceptual Web Art calendar. It may be the first of its kind....


Happy 2004!



November in Vienna -Pygoya 2003


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