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Arts and Design - Camberwell Collage of Arts and Design, School of Applied Arts, Graphic Design, Art History and Conservation, The London Institute. BTEC - Foundation study in Arts and Design,

BA: Joint Honours Diploma in Visual Arts, The London Institute - London University of the Arts.



Artist's Statement for Truly Virtual Web Art Museum


Iím working as independent multi-media artist: in the field of fine arts, painting, sculpture, 3D, graphic design, web design, industrial design, animation, photography, digital and electronic arts, film, television and video.


Multi-media digital artist, graphic and web designer. Creating abstract contemporary experimental progressive avant-garde underground artwork. Using, utilising and mixing all kinds of digital media and mediums, including computer, digital video, mobile phone etc. 

Also creating digital graffiti art and interactive digital art.


In my body of work I try to combine all the disciplines and all the experiences I have in numerous fields, into one coherent, often chaotic, entity that my work is. I love to express and reiterate the multidimensionality of the space, the richness of the colour spectrum, the robustness and yet gentleness simultaneously. I try to bring out the inner most subconscious states of the human mind and itís connection with the universe. In the work I produce I try to touch the divine, to achieve an experimental phase similar to acid trip but without the enhancement of any substance. I love to chart the uncharted and just love to be contra and against everything and everybody, artisan maverick. Iím more than happy to use and utilise any new progressive technique available, and if there are none then Iíll just invent in by myself. I love to collaborate with other artists worldwide. Iím a big connoisseur and pioneer of digital arts and produce such work in belief of hyperspatial immortality.  


The work must always bare the impressions of cheeriness, happiness, weirdness, the groove, chaos, abstractness, surrealism, childishness and the infantile, deep and shallow, bright and radiant, poetic and epic.



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