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The Colors of the Urban Landscape




Artist's Statement: 

The Colors of the Urban Landscape is a ever-evolving project that I started in June,
1989, with the New York City portion starting in January 1990. Originally, my purpose was
to seek out areas in the urban landscape that shows that a city can be extremely colorfull, not
the drab assortment of greys and browns that most people associate with cities. 

After I learned how to use Photoshop, the scope of this project changed completely. Now,
instead of looking for color, I was using Photoshop's many filters, and other creative options to
try to interpret my photographs as many ways as possible. In this phase, instead of just looking
for color, I've been actively inserting my own colors to the urban landscape. 



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Artist's Contact, courtesy of lastplace.com - 
Jon White <urban@netacc.net>

All artwork in this exhibition copyrighted 2002 by Jonathan White. All Rights Reserved.