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The Colors of the Urban Landscape




Biographical Statement :

From the beginning, I've always been interested in Photography. I studied at two of the finest
Photography schools in the world, Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ca.,
and the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I received my Bachelors Degree in
1983. After doing a variety of freelance work, I devoted most of my creative efforts in the
1990's to my creative project,
The Colors of the Urban Landscape. During this time, my
work appeared in numerous art shows on Long Island and New York City. 

In 1997, I moved to Rochester, N.Y., and I got my first computer in November, 1998. 
Shortly after that I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop, and along with that program, I've
become adept at using Quark XPress. I also rebuilt my website, http://www.netacc.net/~urban
in the spring of 2000. In January, 2002, one of my photographs,
Downtown USA was chosen
for inclusion in the EHCC's international digital art exhibition. In February, 2002, I had my first
Rochester art show, at the Sunken Room Gallery. This exhibition has received a lot of local
media coverage, including a TV news spot, some newspaper coverage including Rochester's
daily newspaper, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. On Tuesday, April 9, I'm going to
be featured on Rochester's TV news station R News. 



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Artist's Contact, courtesy of lastplace.com - 
Jon White <urban@netacc.net>

All artwork in this exhibition copyrighted 2002 by Jonathan White. All Rights Reserved.