Pygoya's first european art tour and trip - november 2003

With much gratitude for the planning and organization of the event
by Ingrid Kamberbeek of Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany

Paris, France



Beautiful buildings light up at twilight as Py makes for the subway train to get
back in time to the airport hotel for French fine dining dinner!




Traveling over a town somewhere over the U.K.




A terrible photo from the airplane cabin but it's the only picture 
taken of the plane's route over Greenland!


There you have it, Pygoya's photographic documentation of his first
trip to Europe.  By the way, the route back was from Budapest to
Paris to San Francisco then finally to Honolulu.  On the way to Europe
it was Honolulu to San Francisco to New York City then straight
on over to Frankfurt, Germany.  Ingrid Kamerbeek was gracious
enough to drive by car (her dear "Clio") from Frankfurt to Sonothen
to Vienna and then to Hungary -and then make her way back. Thanks
Ingrid!!!!!!!  It was a memorable and successful cyberart event that
assisted the promotion of Webism in the public's eye and garnered
new artist friends across Europe that initially met in cyberspace.


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