Pygoya's first european art tour and trip - november 2003

With much gratitude for the planning and organization of the event
by Ingrid Kamberbeek of Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany

Paris, France



Pygoya's European tour is almost over; here a layover at DeGaulle International Airport 
turns from a hour to an overnight delay.  So,



a free overnight at a luxury airport hotel compliments of Air France



So why stay in the hotel? Adventurous Py takes the hotel
shuttle to the train station and rides to downtown Paris




Coming out of the train subway, Py's in Paris for the first time!



I love Paris in the Fall



Romantic Paris in late autumn (November)



Wonderful boat trip down the calm waters of the Seine




A famous landmark, the allegorical statue of
Louis IXV (1792, rebuilt 1822)


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