Pygoya's first european art tour and trip - november 2003

With much gratitude for the planning and organization of the event
by Ingrid Kamberbeek of Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany,
and Tibor of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary


Ah, time out for some delicious Hungarian Goulash and
also Fish Soup in this traditional restaurant with a "flying fox" above

Across our hotel happens to be the Chinese Embassy




Well maintained historic building



But many are in need of maintenance




Lovely inbetween building views




and another

Many of this buildings were built by aristocratic families at the turn of the 20th century



Py walking the 'hood'








See Py behind a column with "USA" grafitti? No he didn't do it.



The most fancy Burger King in the world?



Ingrid and Py say hello to a Hungarian boar


more pics