Pygoya's visit to Sonthofen, Bavaria
November 2003



Pygoya bestowed the Sonthefen pin by Burgermeister Hubert Buhl




Cheers with Sonthefen's own beer; from left, first mayor of Sonthefen,
Eugen Wutz; Burgermeister Buhl, Ingrid Kamerbeek, resident Webist, 
Pygoya of Hawaii, and Bernard Dumaine of France




A little Bavarian Catholic chapel




How many decades has he been ringing the bell at noon?




A beautiful chapel with a statue of St. Apollonia, the saint of curing pain




Another that cures pain, Dr. Joachim Bahrs of Sonthofen;
presented with gift artwork by Pygoya




The pleasant receptionist with flat screen and computer clinic/patient software;
those fruits are made of wood!




Observing Dr. Bahrs's son at work using all the modern materials
& techniques as we do in the USA




Dentist Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) pays homage to the Saint of dentistry



After that it's time for some soup noodle's in the town's Vietnamese
restaurant where you order in German; "It's a small world"; with 
Ingrid Kamerbeek, resident,  and Bernard Dumaine, also a visitor


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